Royalty Escorts
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Information on Working with Royalty Escorts:
We welcome new models/ dancers/ actresses/ businesswomen looking to enjoy a fun, exciting night life.
We provide excellence in support, security and of course a highly elite, carefully selected clientele.

Royalty Escort Service is looking for exceptional young ladies who wish to join
our organization as a model escort. We welcome your application :


  Excellent security procedures & client screening
  No demands for unsafe/ unhygienic services!
  Full time professional security drivers
  Friendly, competent receptionists who care about you
  Integrity & professionalism in all areas
  Luxurious office to relax in
  A healthy, friendly, non-threatening environment
  Lovely, mature-minded staff to work with, no bitching
  Personal support where needed
  Advice on image and presentation
  Full training in high class escort excellence.


  Modelling experience, or the looks of a model
  Age group between 18-32
  Absolutely drug-free & pursuing a healthy lifestyle
  Reliability is essential
  Charming, well-mannered & well-spoken.
  An open and adventurous mind
  Freedom to travel is a bonus, but not essential
  Fluent English is essential
  A warm, friendly, accommodating and versatile personality
  Social poise, sophistication and independence
  Thoroughly enjoy meeting new people & entertaining gentlemen


Royalty Escorts has a superb reputation to uphold, and maintains world-class standards. Therefore, we can only work with ladies who never lose sight of the fact that client satisfaction is paramount, who thoroughly enjoy their work. Whilst we provide excellent benefits, unbelievable income and have strong security in place for you, your success and ours is a team effort.

Our integrity and professionalism extends to all areas of our establishment. This includes full support and commitment to the comfort and satisfaction of our staff as well as our valued clientele. As a Royalty Escort you will enjoy benefits second to none, and receive the respect and compassion you deserve. In return we expect your loyalty, reliability, and will to succeed & reach your financial goals. You will be valued and looked after like the special person you are. Team players succeed!

If your application is successful, you will be responsible for doing your
part to perpetuate the prestige of the agency. This includes :

  adapting your own availability/schedule to accommodate the client at his convenience as much as possible;
  being professional at all times and leaving your personal problems where they belong;
  maintaining a wholesome (no drugs/ drinking) and healthy (exercise, eating and beauty treatments) lifestyle
  respecting all booking procedures of the agency (training provided); &
  working with us together to further develop regular clientele.

As an established and well respected agency, Royalty Escorts well understands the importance of discretion. This pertains to the way we interact with our clients, but equally applies to our relationship with our valued young ladies. Therefore, we always keep any information regarding our young ladies (and applicants) in the strictest confidence ; when you are no longer affiliated with us, all of your information will be destroyed. Before, during and after our association, Royalty Escort Service will ensure your privacy.

If you are that exceptional young lady who is ready to explore the equally
exceptional opportunity of working with us, consider the following options:

1. Most Efficient: you can call our friendly receptionists directly to discuss arranging and appointment for
    an interview, every day after 6pm: +61 420 337 857.

2. You can email us your age-weight-height-measurements, location, contact details and photos.
    Application without contact details included will be deleted due to the volume of applications.
    Please include your return contact number with all correspondence - thank you! :-)

Thank you for applying to Royalty Escorts. We look forward to hearing from you :-)