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Some of our exciting companion packages are listed below.
All our packages come with a complimentary gift of champagne, massage oil, scented candles and more. Enjoy an elite package this evening with your high class escort:

2, 4, 6 or 12 hours with 2 elite Royalty Escorts models to pamper and spoil you. Enjoy the free-flow of sensuality, with toys and entertainment beyond your dreams..

1, 2, 3 or 4 hours - A fully qualified massage specialist who can provide a deeply relaxing yet arousing aromatherapy full body massage, an erotic oil body slide, and everything you need to totally and completely release and unwind.. This delightful package can be combined with another one to make your evening unbearably pleasant!

2, 4 or 6 hours - Enjoy our complimentary chauffeur-driven conveyance to your favourite restaurant, and enjoy an evening of fine dining and entertainment with your beautiful high class escort. She may surprise you.. Then retire to your room for further private time and relaxation.

12 hours - Go for dinner in a limousine, see a show or stroll around the city, and retire to your hotel with your gorgeous, attentive model escort to be spoiled for the whole night!

2-4 hours or overnight/ weekend - Enjoy local horseriding together before retiring to your room for getting a little closer - or better still, let us whisk you away to a nearby resort where you can enjoy longer horseriding tours, or at the least, a short ride and a longer time with your gorgeous and sexy girlfriend escort!

Golf tours can be arranged and you'll have a particularly sexy caddy! Enjoy a few holes, a bite to eat, then a refreshing shower and some private time with this delightful goddess who picked up your balls all day..

Get to know the city you are in! One of our gorgeous models can pick you up and bring you to the exciting nightclubs or bars around the city! Enjoy a moonlight stroll, or a live band, get to know each other in a cute little wine garden or just hang out at a cool jazz club, before retiring to really find out what the night is all about..

Royalty Escorts offers several exciting wine tours, from beginners to the connoisseur, there are many different options for enjoying this art. Plenty of our models are interested in or expert at wine tasting, and would relish a chance to accompany you. And imagine how jealous everyone will be when they know you get to bring this sipping beauty back to your private room and enjoy a different kind pf wine tasting..!

Take an afternoon, a night or a weekend on a luxury yacht on the beautiful Harbours or lakes around Australia. Away from everyone, you can enjoy the sight seeing and weather of our gorgeous country, and all with a delicious bikini-clad beauty or two by your side. Now that's a sight worth seeing!

Get into our stretch limousine and just ride around the city, sampling sights and sounds. Stop off wherever and whenever you wish, and have your beautiful girlfriend escort beside you to show you all the things you should see from the back seat of the limousine..

Take a gorgeous sleek machine of power and beauty, add a stunning little cutie and your good self, and you have the recipe for a sensational and exciting afternoon or weekend! Drive through the country for a picnic, or just cruise the city stunning on everyone else! Enjoy the attention and jealousy attract - are they jealous of the car, the girl or both - either way, you're the man..

Up, up and away! A spectacular view with incredibly peaceful floating through the sky.. what a beautiful way to see the city and get to know your beautiful companion. After such a sensual and refreshing experience, retire to private quarters to share a different kind of high..

The beautiful Blue Mountains offers many scenic options including hiking, the three sisters, the Jenolan caves, horse riding, antique stores and more. Let us settle you into an exquisite little cabin, and take your hire car to wherever you want to be.. That fresh mountain air is deeply healing, as are your gorgeous high class escort's hands when she gets you in the shower at the end of the day. She'll tuck you into bed and you'll sleep like a baby..

Let us book you into a tropical resort somewhere exquisite - with in Australia or Internationally. THere are some breathtaking places on this lovely planet - and we know some really, really good ones to send you! When you wake up with your smiling, naturally beautiful bikini model, you'll forget any stress or troubles you may have been dealing with..