Royalty Escorts
proper etiquette for booking a Royalty escort


Whilst we do assume you are an absolute gentleman, every agency has different "do's & don't's", so here are some of the things our ladies like and dislike, for your fore notice.

Shave and shower before your model escort arrives
Be polite, considerate and respectful as you would with any date.
Offer the lady a beverage of her choice
Spend a few minutes getting to know each other before 'pouncing'!
Let the lady arrange payment and set the pace; she is very good at organizing her time
Allow your high class escort to entertain you properly; request, don't give orders
Have your photo ID ready if you are paying with credit card
Relax and enjoy yourself! You're in very good hands

Drink too much before she arrives; she may decide to leave
Indulge in or offer drugs to our models
Be rude or aggressive or rough
Give orders or demand things; like any woman, she will not respond well
Play games with the payment; a gentleman understands this is her business.
Have anyone waiting with you when she arrives so they can"get a look"; she'll leave.
Try to make her do things she doesn't want to do. Our ladies always go the extra mile, but certain things are just not acceptable, and no amount of trying or asking will change her mind, it will only ruin the mood for both of you. Forget about it and continue to enjoy your night together.

Should you find you are uncomfortable with the model escort who arrives, please politely let her know you were expecting someone different, and call our telephone staff to discuss changing your selection. We do not charge a cancellation fee for this exchange, as cancellations are very rare at Royalty Escorts. But we don't compensate you if you were unhappy, but kept her the whole time anyway..! She won't learn if you don't politely speak up. We are very selective with our ladies and always very careful with our match making, but we always want you to be happy with your choice and your experience with us!

If you decide to book a high class Royalty Escort for a weekend or travel companion appointment, please ensure she is kept in the same high standard of accommodation and security she is accustomed to. She will not be comfortable to spend time with someone who is cutting corners. If you have a lower budget, please book a model escort who is on a level you can manage.

If you prefer to pay with credit card instead of cash, please note there is a small surcharge included in the fee (we keep it as low as we can!). You will also need to have your photo ID ready for the lady to view and verify. Your model escort will take an imprint of your credit card and have you sign some paperwork, for higher security.

Hopefully if you are the kind of client we are interested in, all our guidelines are common sense to you, and we can happily move ahead together & spoil you right! Please call our friendly receptionists : +61 420 337 857 .