Royalty Escorts
high class bisexual escorts : services for couples

Whether this is your first time experiencing a threesome with your partner, or you are a seasoned "swinger" couple, we have a genuinely bisexual model escort to suit your needs.

We offer a mature-minded, mutually enjoyable couples experience, where the model escort will spend a few moments discussing your needs when she arrives. She can set the pace, or go with the flow, depending on your needs. Above all, everyone involved should feel safe, comfortable and respected.

Our ladies are drug-free and do not respond well to harsh orders or extremely intoxicated people. To make the most of your evening, please be considerate and polite, do not expect our ladies to stay if you have drugs in the environment. Please also ensure you shower thoroughly before your high class model escort arrives.

All Royalty Escorts experiences are 100% safe, and most of our well bred young ladies will not stay where there is illicit drug use, so please refrain from this in our models' presence. If you are seeking a pampering, sensuous experience, one of our gorgeous Royalty Escorts can definitely assist you in creating some beautiful memories!