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Preparing to Meet an Escort in Sydney

You have made the appointment and now you are just hours away from meeting your escort in Sydney. There are some unwritten rules about meeting an escort and you should keep these suggestions in mind as you ready yourself to meet your date.

Its most likely that you have agreed to a set time to meet with your hired escort in Sydney, and it is important that you arrive as close to this time as possible. You shouldnt get to the meeting place too early; you want to play it cool and not rush your date. If you arrive early, wait in your car or keep yourself otherwise amused until its time to meet. If you are running late, you should contact the agency and let them know, so they can communicate that to your escort.

In addition to keeping your meeting time, you should make sure you are otherwise prepared. You should be clean, showered, shaved and most importantly, sober. It is common for people to think they should be drunk before meeting an escort. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, if you are visibly drunk, your escort will likely leave and your evening will be ruined. You can certainly have alcoholic beverages while on your date, but you should make sure you are using common sense.

When you and your escort meet, introduce yourself and let her do the same. Small talk can really break the ice and you may want to consider letting her take the lead. She is the professional and is often in this situation.